This list is liable to grow and change over time but I thought it’d be rude to launch the site without at least a few links to some of the places on the web that have been useful or inspirational in the creation of this comic.


Obsidian Dawn Resources Huge and extremely useful site of digital design resources – Photoshop brushes, textures, patterns, tutorials and more.

Blambot Comic fonts and lettering. Awesome assortments of fonts and lettering for comics. An absolute goldmine for fonts. A godsend to anyone who writes comics…

PolyKarbon Tutorials Comic tutorials site which, now that I think about it, has been going a really long time. I used this site many a time way back when I was first teaching myself to draw. A good many handy-dandy tutorials can be found here.

Creative Bloq This is a huge and varied site, but I always without fail find something immensely useful and art-related there. Lately for me it’s been photoshop brushes, fonts and digital painting tutorials. Well worth a browse.


Fordable Web Kimberley Ford’s website building service – the place that made this webcomic possible back in the very beginning…

Arts-Fine My good friend Samuel Durkin, talented abstract painter.

Desolator  Southampton-based thrash metal band, who I’ve been lucky enough to do some album art for.

Trapped With Zombies The story of a man trapped in an underground government zombie facility.

Dreams Divide UK-based Electronic band, regulars in my home town, and always put on a great show.

Radio Silence Radio Silence is a Post-Apocalyptic Enactment group, based in The Netherlands.

Iggi’s Pic A Day Daily art by Irina Goodwin. Art buddies since 2001. Fantasy, supernatural, anime…raccoons… 

Jawbone Ashtray So much love for this artist’s work. Just…so much.

Oshirockingham Heavy metal & fantasy digital art.

Gorgonbreath Welcome to Sair’s dystopia. Green mutants, extra limbs and cigarettes that only kill you a little bit.

Frostfeuer Illustration by Johannes A. Pinups, post-apocalyptic, metal and more

Natacha Grim My homeslice from across the Atlantic. Fantasy writer, traditional artist, photographer.

Sapphire Swallow Hazz, another long-time fantasy art trade buddy of mine.