I was somewhat hoping I wouldn’t have to do any more “back in 1 week” screens this year (or maybe, just maybe, this entire chapter), but unfortunately sometimes spanners get thrown in the works. Those who know me IRL or have been following Five Comic on Facebook or Deviantart know I’ve been in pretty poor shape lately. Long story short, I’ve spent the last two months coming out of a -very- severe quagmire of depression; the last four weeks have consisted of trying to keep my head at least mostly attached to my shoulders while changing medication. While I’ve tried to keep drawing during this period, I haven’t always succeeded at drawing consistently or very fast, so I ended up behind on actual comic pages and decided it’d be smart to take a week to catch up.

This week’s filler page is a variation on something I drew during a bout of “aaaaargh, can’t sleep!” during the medication changeover.  Painted over the course of about 4 days, during the transition from “sertraline withdrawal hell” to “prozac adjustmentville”. My mood, level of hand eye coordination and general level of awakeness fluctuated massively over this period and I was only drawing for maybe a few hours at a time which might be why I think this is a bit disjointed – slightly fanservicey outfit with her massive boots and goggles & helmet? Rainy atmosphere added at the absolute 11th hour? Canvas resized and Five positioned about three times?

Five’s waiting for the rain to pass, and I’m waiting for my side effects to settle the hell down.

See you all with a nice shiny new page on the 3rd (My birthday!)