LONG POST, but the TL;DR is: I’m going to be taking a break over the summer to catch up, and while I’ll be posting all the concept sketches and suchlike here, the actual comic itself will be back on the 3rd September.

I’ve come to a bit of a realisation this week. I mentioned needing to take a little break from the comic, and while I originally planned this to only be my usual “back in one week”, it occurs to me that that won’t give me quite the breathing room I need. Personal stuff: I’ve unfortunately had my plans messed up a bit these last few weeks by the unholy trinity of migraines, anxiety and depression, which has…not exactly done wonders for my ability to sit behind a computer and draw, so I ended up a bit behind. I’ve also got commissions (including a book I’m illustrating) to stay on top of, not to mention work on concept sketches for the slightly-more-ambitious-than-previously vehicles, landscapes, car chases and scenes of chapters 8 and 9, and build up a buffer of pages like I had back in the early days of the comic, rather than my current schedule of racing to get a page done in a week and occasionally producing pages that look “okay I guess, but it’s not what I wanted.”

So yeah, I think taking a summer break will do my brain good, and my art good, and ultimately lead to a better chapter 8 and beyond. The usual weekly updates will return on the 3rd September, and in the meantime I’ll keep the lot of ya spammed with all my concept art, sketches and tangentally related bits for the upcoming chapter.banner