Okay. A post. Five Comic is taking a break until the start of May.

I’m going to need to take a break from the comic for a little bit. Often when I do this it’s because a spanner has been thrown in the works by my migraines and other health problems but this time…

Well, the main plotline of Five is about a catastrophic plague sweeping the nation, and right now…well, aside from the comparativemy trivial bit where my own mental health was in the toilet anyway, that feels a bit too close to home and I’m just sat here going “…ya know what, I really dont feel like drawing this right now.” I know one of the many purposes of art is holding a mirror up to the real world but I never thought this little comic I work on from a makeshift studio in my house would accidentally become topical.

I’m not stopping writing Five…in fact I fully expect to return to updating the story later. But right now I think I need a bit of distance from this project for sanity reasons. I’ll be putting together a “taking a break” placeholder page later tonight, and I’ll keep both this page and the website updated with regular character art, apocalypse scenery, pin-ups, cars and God-knows what else, and mostly hope to spend my time isolating working on commissions, my second project (a historical graphic novel I’m illustrating), and “fun” art and trades to keep me sane.

Stay safe, lovely readers. I’m still here…hell, it’s not like I can go anywhere  and the comic itself will be back in May.