I hate, hate, hate doing this, and I know I’ve done it A LOT in this year alone, but I think I’m gonna need to take a break from the comic for the rest of December. Seasonal depression is hitting me hard, and on top of the dumpster fire that has been 2020 in general removing a lot of my means of keeping my sanity intact, I feel…pretty damn paralysed by this particular bout. I’ve got a big collaborative project for eventual publication to work on, and staying on top of that AND the comic might be a bit more than I can handle at the moment, so in the interests of both my mental health and making more progress on the collaborative project, I’ll be putting Five Comic on temporary hold until 4th Jan (the first Monday of 2021.)
Thank you all for being such understanding and excellent readers; I’ll still post doodles and stand-alone art here and on the web page. Have a good rest of the year, and may 2021 be slightly less shit.