Okay, I didn’t wanna have to do this and I feel like such a colossal flake, but my health, both physical and mental but especially mental, has been in the absolute garbage recently. Killer migraines, alternating anxiety attacks and big depressive slumps, and insomnia that’s letting me sleep maybe an hour a night if I’m lucky. Most of what creative output I’ve had lately is either getting used up on commissions, or late-night attempts to keep myself sane and honestly working on the comic right now is not really happening. It doesn’t help, of course, that we’re swimming in pandemic-related uncertainty IRL which is…uh…not helping my stress around updating this accidentally-kinda-topical work. May/June/July have also had some distressing real life gut punches too.
I’m not shelving the comic; far from it. I’ve got ideas for the next couple of pages. But at the moment, sticking to a rigid update schedule on what’s essentially a personal project/labor of love is making me not enjoy working on it, and causing me rage at myself when I can’t keep to the schedule. Even when I take a break, if I set myself a date that the comic will definitely be back, it accidentally fuels my procrastinate/rush at the last minute habit and then I beat myself up some more over that.
So what I’m gonna do is: keep updating the comic, but on an adhoc kinda basis when I have time and inspiration to put together a decent, non-rushed page, until such a time as I can get myself back onto a proper schedule. I’m not sure when that’ll be I’ll be active both Facebook and on Twitter to let you all know when a new page has dropped.
I really appreciate everyone’s patience.

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