Hi everyone, a new year is here and so is page 31. 😀

In other news, while painting the comic, I got a nasty fright the other day. On my old PC, the one that died heroically/inconveniently while I was mid-way through painting the early pages of this chapter, Photoshop (and the computer in general) started acting up. Nothing happening when clicking on icons, saving not working, the whole thing being unresponsive despite the mouse moving…and yesterday, when I found that was happening, along with lines suddenly erasing themselves seconds after I’d drawn them, I kind of freaked. The PC I’m currently painting on is not exactly a spring chicken to say the least, and when turning it off and on again did precisely nothing, I started to panic.

Until, that is, my boyfriend looked over and pointed out that the whole time, I’d had a sketchbook resting on the Escape key, pushing down on it constantly. Yup, I lost half an hour of drawing progress and panicked that my computer was about to expire, all because something on my desk was pushing the Esc key all along. That’s….well, that’s so stupid I think I deserve some sort of prize.

On the subject of this week’s page, and that stack of blue-and-silver chips on the table in front of Five: Wasteland money. I’d spent a while before I wrote the comic deciding precisely what it was. There were several options, but after some discussion with other people about what might actually work, we hit upon the idea of glass or plastic chips, colour-coded, with a small sliver of metal embedded in to be the bit with actual value. Possibly some early Wasteland inhabitant looked at coins from the pre-cataclysm days, and the poker chips of yore, and either got the two confused, or had a sudden idea. The precise details vary from settlement to settlement, but in most parts of the Wasteland, the denominations of chips are brown (tin), green (copper), blue (silver), red (gold) and white (platinum). There are 10 browns in a green, 10 greens in a blue, 10 blues in a red, and 10 reds in a white (and when you’re counting your money in white chips, you’re absurdly rich for the Wasteland.) Five’s basically just given Roadman around £100 (or $100…I never really specified what country the Wasteland once was) as a gesture of ‘I’m not here to rob you blind.’