Page 37, featuring the Combattilac, some slight embarrassment for Sammie and Spark Plug, and Karb’s face an hour and a half before his chin-area returns to its usual grey colour.

Also, I’ve been thinking about new things for the comic, the site, and other related things for the coming year. First and foremost, I’m in the progress of putting together a Facebook fanpage for Five. Kim from Fordableweb’s given me some pointers, and I’ll be working on some graphics for it soon. Also, for a few months now I’ve been entertaining the idea of having a ‘fan art/art trades’ section on the site. A few friends have done some (rather awesome) artwork featuring the characters, in various media from pen and paper to 3D modelling, and if they’re OK with it, I’ll be dedicating a section of the site to this.