So here we are, about to meet some new characters. This will be the first page done on the new computer using the new graphics tablet and some slightly unfamiliar software (Photoshop Elements). It’ll also be the first update I’ve done since feeling well enough to use a computer….as if moving house wasn’t stressful enough, I had the misfortune/stupidity to run face-first into a sliding door and, while I thought I was fine at first and attempted to do regular-person things like going to work, using a computer, and being out of the house, I got sent to hospital after workmates started noticing me being not quite right…l and it turns out I did have concussion and I’m now suffering post-concussion syndrome, I’m on the mend though, no longer feeling horribly sick, and now able to paint again. On the subject of painting, here’s the first piece I finished since I felt better. Featuring: perspective.