New page, new painting style. I’d been thinking about this for a while now having got a little frustrated with how I’d been painting the comic previously; I’m going to be going with this style of painting for the comic from now on, rather than the old ‘sketchy/scribbly’ style…it was fun while it lasted, but it was a bit too…well, I’d be aiming for ‘rough and scratchy’, sometimes I’d make something that looked sketchy and acceptably minimal, but more often than I’d have liked I just ended up with something that looked lazy and half-arsed; I never really felt like I was improving it (and frequently like I was being held back a little and producing pages I just wasn’t happy with the quality of.)  Besides, this approach doesn’t actually take substantially longer than the old single-layer, block-colours scribbly-layer style so it’s not like I was even saving time before, and I find it a lot more fun to do.


Enjoy the new page when it goes up tomorrow! Here’s a little sample.