Crosses Mile is the stretch of highway leading North out of Dredge’s Stand. People don’t talk about how it got its name, but 17 years ago (when Sammie was about a year old), Roadman led a militia to drive off the raiders that killed his wife and terrorized the peaceful town. In a crowning moment of psycho, mad with grief and hatred, he nailed the corpses of the fallen leaders of the raiders to crosses at the side of the highway, as a warning to any other raiders who dared think about attacking Dredge’s Stand.

Crosses and warning signs still dot this stretch of highway, symbolic versions of the gruesome markers that stood there that winter 17 years ago. No raiders have been seen within about two days’ drive of Dredge’s Stand in the years since, and raider gangs as far North as Ar-Ak still speak in hushed tones about a red-haired Grim Reaper in an ancient armoured car.