Isn’t it nice to look back at your art sometimes and see how far you’ve come? 😀 Now while I’m well aware that my art isn’t perfect (and no matter how hard I try, probably never will be, heh), the comic’s been up for two years now, and I started writing the first very rough storyboards and doing the first sketches of the characters two years before that. I felt like doing one of those Draw This Again challenges of the picture of Five, drawn back in 2011, that was (up until now) on the ‘About’ page.

drawthisagain3 copy

I think my painting’s got a fair bit neater and my line work somewhat less wobbly since then, not to mention I’ve fixed up some anatomy errors from the old one – a bit of foreshortening on her left leg that had really been bothering me, her lopsided hair, and made her taller and her legs longer (she’s supposed to be about 5’10”, but she looked rather too short and compact in the old drawing). And I really enjoy re-drawing old pictures now and again – it’s a good way of seeing how far you’ve come and what you’ve learnt.