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About The Comic   

Five is a post-apocalyptic/sci-fi comic set in an alternate Earth, in a land that may or may not have once been your home country. The year is 2145, nearly a century and a half after a man-made plague almost ended humanity at the dawn of the 21st Century. Dark rumours about something terrible are circulating the settlements of the Wasteland, and nomadic gunslinger-turned-delivery-girl Five and her accumulated band of travelling companions must transport a top-secret package to the dying city of Stadiumtown before all hell breaks loose.





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 C. Bowen is a screaming mad lunatic digital artist from England, UK. She has been writing since she was first literate and digitally painting since 2002, although the idea for a webcomic didn’t strike until the cold, cold winter
of 2011 when her love of drawing, writing, sci-fi and ridiculous tangents all suddenly decided to cooperate.

When she’s not writing and painting this comic, she enjoys other art and writing projects, playing bass, and gaming, and in her free time dabbles in occasional costume making and alternative modelling.

Five is currently her only webcomic, although more of her various artistic goings-on can be found at Her Deviantart Page.